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Little did I expect an inner transformation when we embarked on this learning and pilgrimage journey, which unfolded in three parts. Thank you Divine Explorer for organizing this !!

Unfoldment Part 1 –Let Go

10,9.8,7.6,5,4,3,2,1.……blast off…yes we are on a earthly vehicle being transported around the galactic planets. The Navgraha temple tour under the guidance of Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bhartiji was an exalting experience. As we traversed the lands of Tamil Nadu to reach our several destinations one by one, we were immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of this enchanting state. Letting go…came easily…letting go of what we are accustomed to, was a step required to embrace whole-heartedly what this journey had to offer. The temple visits were not about ‘darshan’ but about ‘ inner darshan’- self-reflection and letting go of patterns, which blocked our paths of inner fulfillment.  Under the guidance of Guruji and Guruma who so lovingly guided us and explained the subtler aspects and the significance of each temple visit; we were truly blessed. ‘Let go’….just happened. Layers peeled off without any turmoil and seeds of transformation were sown.

Unfoldment Part 2- Surrender

What can one do, but surrender at the foothills of the magnificent Arunachaleshwar mountains. Surrender to ‘what’ and to ‘who’…….surrender your ego to your true self….surrender your limited wisdom to the all pervading truth….surrender yourself completely to your Guru. Simple facts delivered in a simple way but the effect-  profound. What happened at Thirruvanamalai….the spiritual seat in southern India…an experience- less.. experience, from enlightenment to liberation after total surrender, at feet of divine grace. Nothing can happen till one surrenders and surrender happened. The seeds of transformation had sprouted.

Unfoldment Part 3 - Simplicity

Be simple, be humble, Guruji repeats again and again…loving, gently, simply and humbly. The guru who leads by example, walks the talk. Did it take a dip in the ocean of Rameswaram or 22 buckets of well water from the temple, or was it pristine gushing zest of water from the Coutrallam waterfalls that yet again peeled layers and freed me from ‘karma’ OR was it observing Guruji and Guruma retain their simplicity and humility at all moments that transformation happened? Should I wonder ….the magic has started...the seeds of transformation are emerging with strong roots.


What remains now…...maintain these lessons learnt…and manifestation will occur …until new lessons come my way….let me be a master of these. Gratitude to the divine grace.

Gratitude to Divine Explorer for such smooth and hassle free journey, what a wonderfully organized learning retreat. All the stays and activities connected with inner transformations were beautifully managed.

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