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We all were immensely blessed in presence of Guruji & Guruma.

BALI !!! Ah what a place ! Beautiful and serene with full of  positive prana & vibes. Immense gratitude to our organiser Divine Explorer for choosing AYODHYA resort for hosting the retreat. It was such a huge and lovely property,very appropriate for the camp. Very luxurious, beautiful and the staff was very helpful,co-operative and kind.

Thanks to camp Ananda, organised by Divine Explorer, where our children were taken care of, by engaging them in various playful activities by the hotel staff. Without this I think none of the moms would have been able to single mindedly attend Gurujis lectures.

Guruma, immense gratitude for the wonderful mornings we experienced on the beach watching the beautiful sunrise and moving to your rhythmic counts and movements of holistic exercises. which was followed by sun gazing and meditation.

The learning sessions were great. They happened in a very informal manner between breakfast, teatime & lunch.

Guruji explained to us the 3 most important Lessons for which we keep coming on this earth plane.They are Health ,Relationship, & Money. All our lives revolve around these issues . He explained to us how important it is to learn our lessons to resolve our issues related to these with understanding and awareness to walk the path of Jeevan Mukta.

The lessons on Prosperity and Why prosperity is so important for our liberation was so well explained and discussed by Guruji & Guruma. All the hippocracies about money & money matters was shattered.

The lessons on Laws of Karma & Karmashalan were amazing. A systematic learning approach with the right kind of  understanding will set us free from our karma malas was stressed upon. Water kriya and fire kriya was conducted and all of us benefitted immensely.

Our meeting with the founder of the Ashram Gandhi Puri, Bramhachari Indra Udayana ,was really heart warming.

Visit to the ashram Gandhipuri was really memorable. It was hearttouching and great to see that in today"s world far away from India people still appreciate , respect & follow GANDHIGIRI. The yoga and dance performances put up by the students of the ashram was commendable.

All the afternoon activities organised by Divine Explorer, were full of fun . Visits to Ubud cultural village , Baisakhi temple, Bali cultural and spirit festival, Lord Tanna Lot temple ,sunset points, Kechak dance and delicious dinners.

Guruji & Guruma, being with you we got to see the world in a different and beautiful way. It was a very fulfilling experience for our families. It was like being in some other world with you both , cleaning ourselves ,removing our coloured glasses ,seeing this beautiful world and its creation as it is . The Magic happened because of both of your presence. My humble gratitude to both of you.

Gratitude to Divine Explorer and all the participants from all over the world, who have now become my extended Family. Hope this magic keeps happening again and again and I  become a part of this magic always.

Humble Pranams,


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