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What does Divine Explorer mean by ‘Self-guided’ journey?It means that you don’t have a journey master and you may and may not be with a group.Our self- guided retreats offer both space and structure, but there is no master guiding your inner journey, the self guided retreats let you design your time in a way that suits your needs. while creating your own program and evolve your own understanding through your journey experiences. You are able to visit the places you want to go and do the things you want to do. The only thing required from you is to be a conscious traveler and try and stay in a state of awareness throughout your journey. In other words , you become your own master, your own guide , your own mentor and let the journey teach you lessons that are meant just for you. Let your own voice guide you. When on a path of self exploration in a spiritual place, be guided by conscious contemplations and reflections.

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Divine Explorer is a spiritual travel expert. We organize learning retreats and camps at locations conducive for spiritual activities. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a master or a community of spiritual seekers we take care of all your travel needs and organizations. We also organize camps and retreats regularly with enlightened spiritual masters.

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