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Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!

The most appropriate introduction to this charming and diverse state located in South India would be to call it “God’s own country”. Abundant with all elements of nature combined with a rich cultural heritage make it a traveler’s paradise. Driving along this intensely tropical landscape is an intoxicating experience, as you witness the stillness of natural beauty every moment as you take in sights of rice paddy, rivers, lagoons, waterfalls, lush mountains, emerald green backwaters and pristine beaches.When you travel this extraordinary land you just don’t just sight- see, you ‘experience’- and the beauty becomes a part of your very core. Nodding coconut palms gracefully welcome you to an everlasting connection with this land.

Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!Places Covered

Athirappally Waterfalls

Nicknamed as the Niagara of India this natural phenomenon lives upto its name. Set amidst a scenic backdrop the trek to the falls itself is a humid and tiring one. But when the cool spray of water  cascade down your face and you hear the gushing sounds of water falling, the experience is mesmerizing.  An ideal place to connect with your innerself and practice breath awareness.

Guruvayor Temple

This temple is believed to be creation of Guru, the preceptor of Gods and Vayu, the God of the winds. Considered as a sacred pilgrimage centre is gorgeous spectacle when lit. An insight into the presiding deity is of importance. Lord Krishna, here is adorned with the holy tulasi( Basil) garland and a pearl necklace. So radiant is his appearance that devotees are spell bound and their search for spirituality has found its meaning.  

Renowned for its healing powers, people make an astonishing range of offerings here to the Lord. One of the most popular offerings is the Thulabharam, where devotees are weighed against bananas, sugar, jaggery and coconuts equivalent to their weight.


Spice scented cool air, manicured tea fields, gently swaying eucalyptus plantations.

Munnar  is breathtakingly beautiful - a paradisiacal haven of tranquility,it's the place you would wish never to leave.Enjoy nature walks, treks, scenic dams and lakes, close encounters with exotic animals and cultural shows. Munnar is just the right place to slow down, let your senses enjoy sights, smells, tastes and  sounds and let your heart soar high.


Endorsed as “One of the Ten Paradises on Earth” by The National Geographic Traveller, Kumarakom situated on the banks of the largest lake in Asia–theVembenad,

a small  village whose environs are endowed with pristine natural beauty.

An ideal place to rejuvenate,blessed with a balmy weather and plenty of rainfall, its clean and dust free atmosphere has a tangible freshness in the air that clears the head and awakens our soul . One can relax under the clear dark velvet skies covered with a shimmering blanket of stars while basking in a cool evening breeze and contemplate about life and its meaning.

Enjoy a traditional Ayurvedic treatment to align your physical, emotional and mental state and feel recharged from within.



Disappear into the stunning world of water in a traditional house boat as you meander through an impressive network of waterways in the hub of Kerala's backwaters. As you float past idyllic villages and never ending rice paddy fields, experience  a resurgence of peace travel through your being. Alphuzza’s graceful environment offers a memorable relaxing experience which your soul will always treasure.  



This lovely and vibrant seaside city has enjoyed its strategic importance since centuries. One can see the influences left by the  Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch and Portuguese in this growing port city. Enjoy the many varied monuments which add to the rich cultural heritage of this city. A great place to make us realize how in differences exists oneness.

Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!Journey guides

Self guided journey for self purification. Becoming a conscious traveler by taking a self-guided journey/retreat can be a transforming. Self guided journey allows you to explore more than just the destination, and take that first step to discover more about your inner self, ask questions, visit yourself, meditate, contemplate, reflect and bond with higher consciousness, Its a journey which encourages you to ‘sense’ the vibrations of a location and ‘feel’ the energy of a destination. Embarking on journey which includes not just places but your self ...is conscious traveling on a self-guided journey.

Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!Journey Experience

Emancipate yourself amidst cool, tranquil backwaters, beaches, misty mountains, gorgeous green plains, flora & fauna. Unperturbed stretches of backwaters in bright green, extensive water's edge with quiet beaches, gleaming paddy fields, extensive flora and fauna, reverberating waterfalls, flourishing green hill stations, enchanting festivals, exotic cuisine and an holistic approach... all collectively offer a unique experience and helps one to brighten up your spirits,rejuvenate your body,refresh your mind and rediscover your soul.



Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!

Discover Kerala……..Rediscover your Soul!!!Journey Highlights

  • Holistic exercises in rejuvenating locations
  • Kathakali dance
  • Authentic Kerala Ayurvedic Spa
  • Visit of Tea Museum
  • Traditional Kerala Food
  • Houseboat stay
  • Visits to Athirappally Waterfalls,Munnar Hill Station,Kumarakom, Backwaters,Guruvayur Temple Visit.
  • Historic Places in Kochi like Jewish Synagogue,St.Francis Church,Santa Cruz Basilica, Chinese fishing nets at Fort Kochi and Bolgatty Palace

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