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Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELF

- Learn the secrets of the scripture “Yog Vasishtha” which gives the understanding, scientific ideas and philosophy about the consciousness, the creation of the world, the multiple universes, our perception of the world, its ultimate dissolution, the liberation of the soul and the non-dual approach to creation.

Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELFPlaces Covered

In the journey of every human life, there comes a point, where you experience everything! You know what is futile; but you do not know what is Real! At this point one needs the company of the wise ones to mature the understanding which then flowers and awakens the Intelligence. This awakening becomes the guiding light to lead one towards an aware life-style!... Life becomes a joy in every moment!!...Spend a week with enlightened masters as we explore sacred places, worship at ancient temples, perform sacred ceremonies, enjoy natural beauty, and experience adventure and learn the secrets of  the scripture “Yog Vasishtha”


Voted as one of the most popular ‘Spirit Renewing Destinations’, Rishikesh, is an ideal place for a spiritual retreat, it  provides a nourishing atmosphere to revitalize mind,body and spirit. Nestled under the foothills of the himalayas, Rishikesh was the abode of the Rishi's to whom the ancient wisdom of the Veda’s was revealed. Today it is also known as the Yoga capital of the world and is famous for many ancient and sacred temples. As a Divine explorer participant you will get a chance to participate in the sacred ceremony of an aarti of the river Ganga and the sunset havan (fire ceremony) to connect with higher energies.  Don’t miss the chance of exploring the Ganges while river rafting in this scenic place.


Visit Haridwar, one of the oldest and sacred cities of India. Literally translated Hari-dwar means the gateway to the Gods. Divine Explorer participants get a chance to participate in sacred ceremonies such as the Ganga Aarti. 


The merging of two rivers is natural phenomenon anywhere in the world, except at Devprayag, this confluence of the two rivers Bhagirathi and Alaknanda is of spiritual and sacred importance. The river Bhagirathi  originates from Gaumukh-Tapovan representing spirituality  and river Alaknanda  originates at Alkapuri the capital of the Lord of Material Abundance.  Dev Prayag is where the flows of Spirituality and Material Abundance meet and merge and become one which is known as Ganga there after. Divine Explorer participants get a chance to  meditate and experience the vibrations of "Enlightened Billionaire" at this sacred spot.

Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELFJourney guides

Self guided journey for self purification. Becoming a conscious traveler by taking a self-guided journey/retreat can be a transforming. Self guided journey allows you to explore more than just the destination, and take that first step to discover more about your inner self, ask questions, visit yourself, meditate, contemplate, reflect and bond with higher consciousness, Its a journey which encourages you to ‘sense’ the vibrations of a location and ‘feel’ the energy of a destination. Embarking on journey which includes not just places but your self ...is conscious traveling on a self-guided journey.

Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELFJourney Experience

Rishikesh is a turning point for River Ganges – a place where the mountainous trail of River Ganges enters into the planes. The earlier stormy flow, then onwards becomes silent, deeper and wider! This matured flow of Mother Ganges goes on settling and enriching the human life on its banks! What a wonderful location to learn the secrets of the scripture “Yog Vasishtha”.Visiting sacred cities like Haridwar and Rishikesh , worshiping at temples of legacy and participating in sacred ceremonies energizes us with positive vibrations wash away negativity prepares us for our spiritual growth.



Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELF

Himalayan Retreat – Journey from self to SELFJourney Highlights

  • Learning Sessions by enlightened Masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bhartiji
  • Guided Kriya Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Holistic Health Exercises
  • Morning walks along banks of River Ganga
  • Treks to caves
  • Havan And Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan Ashram
  • River Rafting Experience
  • Visits to Patanjali Yog Kendra,Har Ki Paudi,Rajaji National Park ( Jungle Safari),Vashisth Guha,Swami Rama Ashram,Poornanand Ashram Swami Sivananda Ashram- Divine Life Society

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