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Householders Spirituality

House-holder's Spirituality, Love and family bonding, Prosperity Yoga - Seven dimensional prosperity, Self-sabotaging patterns: Recognition and Re-patterning, Law of Karma and beyond, Enlightenment – The Ultimate Solution

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Embarking on a spiritual journey, is full of questions. What is being spiritual ? How do I fulfill my role as householder and yet be spiritual ? How do the laws of karma impact us ? What is being ‘enlightened’ ? This learning journey is specially catered for those who want to harmonize their spirituals quests into their everyday lives. It is must for every householder, every parent, every spouse, every child, every boss, every employee.

Bali - The Islands of the Gods - no wonder one sees aesthetic beauty merge with physical beauty throughout this island and in all aspects of life .  Also known as the “Morning of the World” one experiences a spiritual relationship between man, God and the environment- the Tri Hita Karana concept forms and integral part of the lives of the Balinese people. Enjoy the spirit of Bali as you discover yours with Divine Explorer .

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Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharti Ji guide us through this transforming journey as we understand how to merge materialism and spirituality and live a life of abundance. Both Guruji and Guruma are spiritual scientists, who encourage us to learn by questioning and support their explanation scientific proof.

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Bali’s vibrations are very conducive for spiritual growth, the island has nature’s blessings in the form of mountains and the oceans representing positive and negative energies. Just as these natural formations maintain harmony and balance the lands, learning householders spirituality is a must for any seeker walking the spiritual path. This retreat helps one Balance spirituality with materialism Harmonize our relations while being spiritual Understand the spirituality is not about ‘walking away’ but about ‘being there’ Grow in abundance in all dimensions



Householders Spirituality

Householders SpiritualityJourney Highlights

  • Learning Sessions by enlightened Masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bhartiji
  • Guided Kriya Sessions
  • Guided Meditations
  • Holistic Exercises
  • Fire and Water Kriya
  • Kids Camp
  • River Rafting Experience
  • Visits to Tanah Lot Temple, Besakih Temple ( Mother Temple),Uluwatu Temple,Ubud Cultural Village,Sunset Points,Kechak Dance

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Divine Explorer is a spiritual travel expert. We organize learning retreats and camps at locations conducive for spiritual activities. Whether you are a spiritual seeker, a master or a community of spiritual seekers we take care of all your travel needs and organizations. We also organize camps and retreats regularly with enlightened spiritual masters.

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