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Karmakshalan Camp

Learnings What is Karma? What are the laws of karma ?
How release oneself from the bondage of karma ?

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Seek blessings and make atonement for transgressions by bathing in waters of the Rameshwaran temple's sacred wells. After taking 3 dips  in the sanctified ocean, bathe in the 22 wells for spiritual cleansing and pay homage  at the Rameshwaram Temple Complex.  As the sacred waters are poured over you feel all the negativity which have held on to you being washed away, cleansed and released forever. A similar experience awaits you after a scenic trek in the forested hills as you stand under the purified and scented with over 4800 herbs, waters of the Kutrallam waterfalls. Have the privilege to mediate in the caves where the Great Siddhar Agastyar and Mahavatar Babaji meditated and experience the charged vibrations.


Rameshwaran: As the legend goes, after killing Ravana Lord Rama victoriously returned with his consort Goddess Seetha to India first stepping on the shores of Rameswaram and worshipped Lord Shiva, to expiate the "dosha" of killing a brahmin. Thus the name Rameswaram.

Kutrallam: Popularly know as the Spa of the South, the famous waterfalls of this area is known to have medicinal qualities. The water here passes over a lot of medicinal herbs, and is therefore known to have the capacity to cure a number of ailments.

Karmakshalan CampJourney guides

Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bharti Ji guide us through this transforming journey as we understand how to merge materialism and spirituality and live a life of abundance. Both Guruji and Guruma are spiritual scientists, who encourage us to learn by questioning and support their explanation scientific proof.

Karmakshalan CampJourney Experience

Enjoy a joyful trek to the waterfalls.

Experience the charged vibrations of meditating in the caves.

As the sacred waters pour over you, feel all the negativity being washed away, cleansed and released forever



Karmakshalan Camp

Karmakshalan CampJourney Highlights

  • Visits to... Rameshwaran Temple Complex Kuttralam Waterfalls
  • Meditation in sacred caves
  • Forest Trek
  • Bathing under the purified waters of Kuttralam Waterfalls
  • Bathing in 22 Wells of Rameshwaran.
  • Sea Water Kriya.
  • Learning Sessions by enlightened Masters Guruji Prem Nirmal and Guruma Bhartiji

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