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Navagraha Temple Pilgrimage

What are the Navagrahas ( celestial body) ? How do they influence our existence.Learn about what each Navgraha (celestial body) represents The benefits of worshipping each of the Navagraha ( celestial body) Understand about the reflections of cosmic forces in your own consciousness

Navagraha Temple PilgrimagePlaces Covered

Launch on a odyssey of the galaxy to circumambulate the Temples dedicated to the 9 Planets the Navagrahas or the 9 celestial bodies.

The celestial bodies are reflections in our own self.

Sun- Soul power /energy/ energy source/willpower /iccha shakti

Moon- mind and emotions /nurturing/ /team building

Mercury- intellect /communication /nervous system 

Venus - material comforts /wealth/luxury/romance/beauty/aesthetic sense

Mars- ambition/confidence/action /kriya shakti /sex/blood circulation/

Jupiter - wisdom/intuition/ gyan shakti/ power of knowledge and wisdom /energy of wisdom

Saturn- governs law of karma/justice/spirituality/ discriminative intellect….

Ketu-  health/wealth/prosperity

Rahu- strength/ protection from enemies

Kumbakonam & Mayiladuthurai : Known as the temple town, Kumbakonam is also one of the oldest towns in Tamil Nadu.

Mayiladuthurai-the playground of the “dancing peacock” All the Navagraha temples are located around this town.

Navagraha Temple PilgrimageJourney guides

Self guided journey for self purification. Becoming a conscious traveler by taking a self-guided journey/retreat can be a transforming. Self guided journey allows you to explore more than just the destination, and take that first step to discover more about your inner self, ask questions, visit yourself, meditate, contemplate, reflect and bond with higher consciousness, Its a journey which encourages you to ‘sense’ the vibrations of a location and ‘feel’ the energy of a destination. Embarking on journey which includes not just places but your self ...is conscious traveling on a self-guided journey.

Navagraha Temple PilgrimageJourney Experience

See the magnificent carvings and architecture of these ancient temples dedicated to the sacred energy spots of the nine celestial bodies. Understand the history and engage in the stories behind each of the temple. As you hear the stories you make connections with your own life experiences and patterns. Praying at these temples with awareness and understanding helps us release our own patterns as we recognize them, leading us towards a more transformed life.



Navagraha Temple Pilgrimage

Navagraha Temple PilgrimageJourney Highlights

  • A visit to the temples dedicated to the sacred energy spots of the nine celestial bodies.
  • Visits to Surya (Sun) Suryanar Koil, Ragu / Tirunageswaram,Sevvai (Mars) Vaitheeswaran Koil, Chandran (Moon) Thingaloor, Sani (Saturn) Thirunallar, Sukran (Venus) Kanchanur,Kethu / Keezha perumpallam,Guru (Jupiter) / Alangudi,Budhan (Mercury) Thiruvengadu

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